Special Issue & Supplement @ Wiley-VCH: Commemorating Albert Einstein

The year 1905, for every physicist in the world of highest significance, implies for Annalen der Physik - the journal in which most of Einstein's seminal ideas were published - the definite obligation to celebrate his work and his impact on physics with a Special Issue in 2005. Eminent scientists relate Einstein's contributions to the forefront of modern research, as for example: photons from cavities; Brownian motion and Brownian motors; special relativity and its geometry for beginners (an innovative didactic article); status and experimental verification of special and general relativity; the problem of the cosmological constant; entanglement of quantum spin states. This Special Issue, supervised by the Annalen editors U. Eckern (Augsburg) and F. W. Hehl (Cologne), is part of the regular Annalen der Physik series. [Table of Contents, Editorial]

In addition, as a special service to the scientific community, Annalen der Physik proudly announces the publication of a Supplement(*) of approximately 585 pages, free of charge for our subscribers, and also available later in book form: This Supplement, compiled by J. Renn (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin) as guest editor, features four articles(**) which examine Einstein's contributions from an historical point of view, as well as facsimiles of all 49 Einstein Annalen papers, published in the period 1901-1922. Both, 'Special Issue' and 'Supplement' will be published end of February 2005, and be delivered to the Berlin conference of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (see: www.dpg-einstein.de) which opens on 4 March 2005.

(*) Einstein's Annalen Papers, edited by J. Renn, WILEY-VCH, Weinheim, 2005, ISBN 3-527-40564-X, approx. 585 pp.
(**) Jürgen Renn: Introduction
      David C. Cassidy: Einstein and the quantum hypothesis
      Jürgen Renn: Einstein's invention of Brownian motion
      Robert Rynasiewicz: The optics and electrodynamics of 'On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies'
      Michel Janssen: Of pots and holes: Einstein's bumpy road to general relativity

Ulrich Eckern, 19 February 2005 / Back to: Annalen Homepage Augsburg