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Starting with the second issue of Vol. 7 (8th series, 1998), a slightly revised editorial policy is becoming effective. Annalen der Physik - one of the world's oldest journals for physics - continues to publish high quality articles on topics in experimental, theoretical, applied, and mathematical physics and related areas. As the readers are from all disciplines in physics, the authors are requested to adjust their presentation accordingly. In original papers, a tutorial introduction should be given, explaining carefully the context of the work, as well as a similarly organized conclusion.

In particular, the editors would like to attract review articles. Articles in style and size between an original paper and a review are also welcome. In principle, there is no length limitation, though an article length of about 40 pages (as printed) should be exceeded only in special cases. (Original papers should be shorter.) Exceptional dissertation and habilitation theses, usually after revision, will be considered.

Submitted articles will be handled by an editorial board of, at present, five members, who represent different areas of physics. The editors, after intense discussions with the advisory board and the publisher, have defined the editorial policy as described above. Each of the five editors is responsible for the submitted manuscripts, related to his respective area of expertise. In case of conflicts, the responsible editor will seek the advice of another editor or a member of the advisory board.

All high-quality and well-written manuscripts from all fields of physics are welcome. The editors will make every effort to ensure fast handling, refereeing, and publication.

U. Eckern, Editor in Chief

19.04.1998 -- Publisher from 01.07.1998: WILEY-VCH
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