Special topic issue of Annalen der Physik on

Nonlinear Dynamics and Fluctuations in Classical and Quantum Systems

Annalen der Physik
Volume 9, Issue 9-10

Gert-Ludwig Ingold, Stefan Linz, Peter Reimann
655 Energy landscape and fluctuations in proteins
H. Frauenfelder, B. H. McMahon
668 A renormalization approach to quantum thermal annealing
Yong-Han Lee, B. J. Berne
679 Nonlinear dynamics in a high-gain amplifier: the dc SQUID
A. R. Bulsara, K. Wiesenfeld, M. E. Inchiosa
689 Synchronization transitions in Josephson arrays: a puzzle and its resolution
Ted Heath, K. Wiesenfeld
697 The heartbeat of extended clocks
P. Jung, P. C. Gailey
705 Making spatial structures by ratchets
L. Schimansky-Geier, S. Seefeld, V. Buchholtz
713 Coupled Brownian motors on a tilted washboard
C. Van den Broeck, I. Bena, P. Reimann, J. Lehmann
721 Rectified steady flow induced by white shot noise: diffusive and non-diffusive regimes
T. Czernik, J. Luczka
735 Resonant bistable flows driven by colored noise
F. Marchesoni, M. Borromeo, S. Santucci
741 Markov processes driven by quasi-periodic deterministic forces
Peter Talkner
755 Classical and quantum transport in deterministic Hamiltonian ratchets
T. Dittrich, R. Ketzmerick, M.-F. Otto, H. Schanz
764 Kramers turnover theory for bridges
Eli Hershkovitz, Eli Pollak
776 Pipeline model of a Fermi-sea electron pump
Fernando Sols, Mathias Wagner
785 Laser- and collision-induced nonadiabatic wave-packet dynamics in sodium molecules
F. Grossmann, U. Saalmann, R. Schmidt
794 Quantum Smoluchowski equation
Philip Pechukas, Joachim Ankerhold, Hermann Grabert
804 Nonlinear quantum transport and current noise
Gunther Lang, Ulrich Weiss
813 Magnetic bound states in SmB6
Peter S. Riseborough