Annalen der Physik

Table of Contents - Volume 9, Issue No. 11-12 (2000)

Ann. Phys. (Leipzig) 9 (2000) [11-12] 825-992

100 Jahre Quantentheorie (Quantum Theory Centenary)

Annalen der Physik is proud to present the proceedings of the symposia Quantum Theory Centenary, which took place 11-15 December 2000 in Berlin. The contributions to this conference summarize all important developments during the past 100 years, by prominent scientists from all over the world. On about 320 pages - part I: issues 11-12 (2000), and part II: issues 1-2 (2001) -, we celebrate and memorize Planck's discovery from 1900!

Guest Editor: Christian Thomsen, TU Berlin

The Table of Contents of issues 11-12 (2000) - part I - is available as PDF and PS.

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