Annalen der Physik

Table of Contents - Volume 6, Issue No. 8 (1997)

Ann. Physik 6 (1997) 555 - 594

Semiclassical analysis of shell structure in large prolate cavities

A.G. Magner1, S.N. Fedotkin1, F.A. Ivanyuk1, P. Meier2, M. Brack2, S.M. Reimann3, and H. Koizumi4

1Institute for Nuclear Research, 252028 Prospekt Nauki 47, Kiev-28, Ukraine
2Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Regensburg, 93040 Regensburg, Germany
3The Niels Bohr Institute, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
4Faculty of Science, Himeji Institute of Technology, Kamigori, Ako-gun, Hyogo, 678-12, Japan

Received 18 August 1997, accepted 8 September 1997

Keywords: Shell structure in metal clusters and nuclei; single-particle level density; Periodic orbit theory; Gutzwiller's trace formula

Ann. Physik 6 (1997) 595 - 610

Non-linear conductivity of charge-density-wave systems

C.R. Werner1 and U. Eckern1

1Institut für Physik, Universität Augsburg, D-86135 Augsburg, Germany

Received 26 September 1997, revised version 4 November 1997, accepted 12 November 1997

Keywords: Charge-density-wave; Disorder; Functional methods

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